Case Study

Case Study

Revolutionizing diabetes care with only 41 patients

KEM® identified the most responsive subgroup to the proinsuline-derived therapy. And CD4/GRB+(CD4, granzyme B+ T-cell) was associated with the dose and identified as a surrogate endpoint

Gastric Cancer: Artificial Intelligence helps identify novel single biomarkers to guide targeted precision medicine

Ariana and academic collaborators from the Gastro Glyco Explorer consortium identify a novel single marker for Microsatellite instability (MSI), a distinct molecular subtype of gastric cancer.

Ariana Pharma helps Valiseek® demonstrate efficacy of its lung cancer therapy in phase 2 clinical trial.

Ariana shows that patients receiving the VAL401 treatment have statistically significant improvement in Overall Survival compared to those receiving no treatment, as well as a measurable improvement on Quality of Life.

Advancing Clinical Trials: The Role of Synthetic Control Arms

Ariana successfully created a Synthetic Control Arm (SCA) to evaluate the efficacy of a treatment against Alzheimer.

Unveiling the Impact of Dengue: Insights from a large South America Retrospective Cohort Study on Hospitalized Cases

Ariana and collaborators across Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia conducted a large retrospective cohort study involving over 125 million health records to assess the impact of dengue on healthcare systems.

Identification of Comorbidities in Influenza: A Comprehensive Retrospective Cohort Study

Ariana utilized KEM® xAI to analyze 126 million hospital records from the SAEH and SIHSUS databases in Mexico and Brazil, focusing on influenza admissions.

Breaking New Ground in Alzheimer's Care with a 32-patient cohort

Ariana, in collaboration with ANAVEX Life Sciences Corp, advanced the clinical development of ANAVEX®2-73, a Sigma-1 receptor agonist targeting Alzheimer's disease, leveraging Next Generation Sequencing for biomarker identification.

Transcriptomics in Action: Pioneering Personalized Cancer Treatment through the WINTHER Trial

Ariana, under the guidance of Professor Jean-Charles Soria and in collaboration with multiple international institutes, conducted the WINTHER clinical trial, a trailblazing initiative in personalized cancer treatment using transcriptomics.

Alzheimer's Early Detection: Integrating Omics and Imaging with AI

At the Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2019, Ariana Pharma, alongside several leading academic institutions, presented pioneering research on early Alzheimer's detection through the integration of omics and imaging data.

Synergizing Melanoma Treatment: Biomarker Insights from Ariana Pharmaceuticals and Harvard

In a collaborative study between Ariana Pharmaceuticals and Harvard Medical School’s Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, researchers focused on identifying biomarkers for synergistic drug combinations in melanoma treatment.

Simulating an oncology preclinical study with only 27 colon cancer patients derived PDX​

Patient derived xenograft mouse models (PDX) experiments combined with AI provide an opportunity to simulate a preclinical assessment using multiple mice. The platform was tested on colon cancer patients derived PDX.

Ariana 6-Gene Signature Boosts NSCLC Survival Prediction

Taking advantage of transcriptomic data generated in a cohort of 81 NSCLC patients, KEM® identifies molecular biomarkers linked with NSCLC disease progression to predict survival in patients treated with immunotherapy.