Ariana has applied its advanced Artificial Intelligence platform KEM® and identified best responders to Racotumomab based on patients’ immune profile. Racotumab is a therapeutic vaccine developed by Recombio against non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), the most frequent type of lung cancers.


Paris, Cambridge (MA) and Madrid– September 6, 2018 – Ariana Pharma (Paris, France and Cambridge, MA), a leading digital health company focused on developing advanced therapeutic decision support systems, and the biotech company Recombio (Madrid, Spain), have an ongoing collaboration to apply Ariana’s proprietary KEM® (Knowledge Extraction and Management) patient stratification technology to identify patients from the PROACTIVE clinical trial most benefiting from Racotumomab, and potentially accelerate its development timelines. KEM® is a comprehensive FDA-reviewed tool for the identification of Precision Medicine biomarkers to be used with therapeutic products submitted for approval to the FDA.

“Immunotherapy is the most exciting development in cancer treatment in years. Identifying relations that link clinical characteristics and anti-tumor immune responses with better clinical outcome in patients poses unique data analysis challenges, requiring the analysis of complex data across multiple endpoints” said Dr. Mohammad Afshar, CEO of Ariana Pharma, adding “Ariana has the expertise to fully support Recombio’s precision medicine approach to develop effective treatments for NSCLC”.

Ariana specializes in clinical patient stratification using KEM®, its advanced Artificial Intelligence proprietary decision support technology for rapid and systematic analysis of multi-parametric/multi-objective data. Ariana’s technology uncovers signals and complex relationships overlooked by conventional statistical analysis that minimizes the risk of data over-fitting. This approach increases clinical trial success and reduces drug development risks by systematically identifying patient subgroups most benefiting from a drug and endpoints that best capture its effect. Ariana is one of the first companies to implement the new FDA draft enrichment guidelines for patient stratification and trial enrichment. Ariana’s expertise spans multiple medical indications and therapeutic areas, including cancer, Alzheimer’s, immunological and other neurological diseases.

Lung cancer is the number one cause of death worldwide, with about 1.38 million deaths every year. Recombio has been developing innovative oncology therapies since 1994. Racotumomab is under development for the treatment of advanced-stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients who have undergone chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments as well as those that have not responded to the first line of treatment. In a phase II trial, Racotumomab showed promising results for the treatment of the most common variant of lung cancer by inducing the patient´s immune system to respond against tumor cells. For PROACTIVE, Ariana’s KEM® systematic analysis has identified potential groups of best responders to Racotumomab based on the immune profile data on each patient.

“The advantage of using therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of cancer is that they act specifically to prevent the spread of tumor cells without damaging normal tissues. We expect that the collaboration with Ariana Pharma will accelerate the identification of those patients who would most benefit from this innovative immunotherapy. Tailoring of treatment to patients has become the foundation of oncology research”, said Dr. Ignacio Demarco, R&D Program Manager of Recombio.

About Ariana Pharma

Ariana Pharma is a leading digital health Company focused on developing advanced therapeutic decision support systems. Ariana’s innovative clinical data analysis and diagnostic testing solutions help the healthcare sector better adapt patient treatments to individual biological characteristics. Ariana’s KEM® Artificial Intelligence technology enables personalization of therapies, improves the efficacy and safety of patient treatment, reduces risks and drug development costs, and accelerates time to market. With a growing number of successful therapeutic development applications, KEM® is the only FDA-reviewed technology that systematically explores combinations of biomarkers, producing more effective biomarker signatures for precision medicine. Ariana has developed Onco KEM®, the most advanced, clinically tested, oncology treatment selection system. Founded in 2003 as a spin-off of the Institut Pasteur, Paris, France, the company opened a subsidiary in the United States in 2012. Further information is available at


RECOMBIO is an international company based in Spain. RECOMBIO develops and manufactures innovative products, focusing on immunotherapy of chronic diseases such as Cancer and Chronic viral diseases. RECOMBIO combines outstanding scientific staff, a solid scientific background and state of the art manufacturing capacity.
For over 10 years, RECOMBIO has been developing an original research project, aiming at discovering new strategies for active specific immunotherapy against cancer. RECOMBIO has developed a therapeutic vaccine whose active ingredient is the anti-idiotype monoclonal antibody Racotumomab adsorbed in aluminum hydroxide as adjuvant. This product has received conditional accelerated approval in Argentina and Cuba, where it is being commercialized for the treatment of NSCLC under the tradename Vaxira®.
RECOMBIO pursues research passionately contributing to the improvement of health in patients all over the world. Further information is available at

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