Ariana Pharma releases a video to illustrate its innovative Onco KEM® platform for personalized cancer treatment selection. Onco KEM® intends to accelerate the translation of personalized medicine discoveries into widely available new standards of care for all cancer patients, leading to significantly improved clinical outcomes and a higher quality of life for cancer patients.


The video is available on our Vimeo and YouTube channels or can be viewed below.



Next-generation clinical trials test personalized treatment selection strategies rather than single drugs. These strategies are driven by algorithms that match targeted therapies (or combinations thereof) to individual tumor biological profiles based on diagnostic analysis of genomic data and other information.

Market impact

Ariana provides a commercial route to market for the advanced clinical decision support tools required to support this new paradigm, and enable physicians to make informed treatment choices for each patient.

Ariana strengths

Ariana is the key informatics partner in several multinational R&D consortia in personalized medicine such as WIN and IMODI.

Ariana has exclusive rights to commercialize diagnostic tests and algorithms generated by WIN Consortium clinical trials, including the Winther trial (NCT01856296), through the Onco KEM® platform.

Ariana will apply proven expertise in patient stratification, multi-marker diagnostic optimization and data mining to enhance future generations of treatment selection algorithms