Nabsys will collaborate with Ariana Pharmaceuticals to identify structural variations related to breast and prostate cancer and how they affect clinical outcome of patients.

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Providence, Rhode Island, USA, and Paris, FRANCE – January 12th , 2015 – Nabsys, Inc., a life sciences company pioneering semiconductor-based tools for human genomic analysis in oncology, and Ariana Pharmaceuticals SA, a developer of innovative clinical data analysis and diagnostic solutions for the healthcare sector, today announced a collaboration that aims to identify sets of DNA structural variants linked to prostate and breast cancers and to the clinical outcome of patients with these diseases through the analysis of public genome databases.

Through the partnership, the two companies will develop a single database each for the analysis of Prostate Adenocarcinomas and for the analysis of Breast Cancer. The generation of two signatures comprised of previously-identified DNA structure variations will improve individual predictive capabilities and will ultimately be employed in personalized treatment plans.

“The expertise of Ariana Pharma will allow Nabsys the ability to refine the right combination of structural variations (SV) for the right cancer sub-types and will ultimately help define the possible diagnostics and prognostics tools for these diseases,” said Tony Shuber, chief scientific officer at Nabsys. “The ability to demonstrate links between SVs and Progression Free Survival (PFS) and Overall Survival (OS) end-points goes well beyond the current commercial offerings for small segment sequencing.”

Ariana Pharma Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Mohammad Afshar said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Nabsys on this exciting venture to enhance prostate and breast cancer diagnostics and ultimately patient outcomes. We are confident that our collective technologies and expertise will work together in a powerful and highly effective way, identifying novel predictive signatures.”

About Nabsys

Nabsys is a private, venture-backed company based in Providence, Rhode Island. Its mission is to be the leading next generation DNA sequencing platform. The Nabsys platform enables high-throughput, low-cost detection of long read lengths of DNA. When combined with short-read sequencing, Nabsys data allows scientists to better answer questions of genome structure and function. The core of the Nabsys platform is a semiconductor-based device that electronically detects individual DNA fragments. An instrument automates the processing of multiple devices for high-throughput and ease of use. For more information about Nabsys, please visit, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Ariana Pharma

Ariana Pharma develops innovative clinical data analysis and diagnostic testing solutions to help the healthcare sector better adapt patient treatments to individual biological characteristics. Ariana Pharma’s KEM® technology enables personalization of therapies, improves the efficacy and safety of patient treatment, reduces risks and drug development costs, and accelerates time to market. KEM® is the only FDA tested technology that systematically explores combinations of biomarkers, producing more effective biomarker signatures for personalized medicine. Founded in 2003 as a spin-off of the Institut Pasteur, Paris, France, the company opened a subsidiary in the United States in 2012.