Ariana Pharma releases a video to illustrate the use of its KEM® data mining technology in the effective design of multi-marker diagnostic tests for personalized medicine; KEM® identifies the shortest and most accurate signatures.

The video is available on our Vimeo and YouTube channels or can be viewed below.


One size doesn’t fit all!

The drive towards the personalization of healthcare is fueling efforts for the development of effective biomarkers, which requires capturing and analyzing an ever growing amount of information. Genomic technologies, in particular, contribute to an exponential generation of data. The complexity of ‘big data’ poses a particular challenge when combining markers into predictive signatures. It is noteworthy, therefore, that despite an impressive production of scientific work related to multi-marker diagnostic signatures, to date, the FDA has approved only 4 diagnostic applications.
From cancer diagnostics to disease monitoring Ariana’s KEM technology has a track record of converting research into commercial multi-marker products. Diagnostic software selecting best personalized treatment in cancer (WINTHER), real time diagnosis of brain tumors (EXTEMPONMR), and monitoring of hepatitis treatment and progression (HEPACHRONIX) are just a few examples of its application.