Ariana Pharma selected by WIN Consortium to develop innovative software for personalized cancer medicine

WIN global initiative aims to significantly improve clinical care and outcomes for cancer patients through fundamental changes in trial design and personalized treatment options.

The WIN Consortium has chosen Ariana Pharma to develop and globally commercialize ground-breaking decision support software to help clinicians choose the best therapies for cancer patients.

The software will be developed through the WINTHER trial, the first state of the art clinical trial in personalized cancer medicine.

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Paris, France, and Cambridge, Massachusetts USA, 16 July 2013 – Ariana Pharma, developer of innovative clinical data analysis and diagnostic solutions for the healthcare sector, today announced its selection by the WIN Consortium to develop new personalized cancer medicine software through the WINTHER trial. The Consortium (Worldwide Innovative Networking in personalized cancer medicine) is a global network of 29 leading organizations that was founded by MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Institut Gustave Roussy. WIN aims to develop more effective cancer diagnostics and therapeutics, shorten clinical trial timelines and reduce the overall cost of cancer care.

The Consortium is conducting WINTHER, the first clinical trial offering 100 percent of recruited cancer patients a therapy choice guided by individual patient biology. The trial represents a breakthrough in current oncology practice which at best offers biology-guided therapy to 30 percent of patients. This is because most cancers are diagnosed at a late stage and for the vast majority of patients the therapeutic choice is based on standard protocols. The WINTHER trial offers personalized medicine, irrespective of cancer type, based on individual DNA, RNA and microRNA profiles. Trial results are expected in 2015.

Ariana Pharma Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Mohammad Afshar said “We are highly honored to be selected for this ground-breaking collaboration. With the validation of the personalized medicine strategy developed through the WINTHER trial, we will bring clinicians a highly valuable tool to help them choose the most appropriate therapies for their cancer patients. Our goal is to put in clinicians hands a decision support system that answers questions such as “given the personal tumor biology of my patient, what is the best personalized drug therapy to give?” and “my patient is not improving with their current therapy, or is suffering from these side effects, so what are the best alternative therapies given their personal biology?””

Catherine Bresson, Director of the WIN Consortium Operational Team, commented: “The WIN Consortium’s achievements are the result of the collaborative efforts of its members. Ariana Pharma’s expertise in data analysis and development of innovative software will be a major asset in our aim to significantly improve clinical care and outcomes for cancer patients.”

Ariana has been selected as a key WINTHER partner because of its strength in developing and applying powerful clinical data analysis software. The company will be responsible for implementing and commercializing advanced decision support software to help doctors choose the best therapy for each cancer patient. Ariana will use its proprietary Knowledge, Extraction, Management (KEM®) technology, together with the data generated during the trial, to improve and validate the WINTHER predictive model for drug efficacy. KEM® improves the process of identifying and validating biomarker signatures, increases the power of multi-parametric diagnostic tools and identifies best patient responder sub-groups and populations at risk of adverse effects to improve clinical trial success rates.

Ariana’s software tool and the connected knowledge base will be incorporated into clinical decision systems within hospital management systems. Ariana will retain global commercial rights to WINTHER software solutions it develops under the trial agreement.

About Ariana Pharma

Ariana Pharma develops innovative clinical data analysis and diagnostic testing solutions to help the healthcare sector better adapt patient treatments to individual biological characteristics. Ariana Pharma’s KEM® technology enables personalization of therapies, improves the efficacy and safety of patient treatment, reduces risks and drug development costs, and accelerates time to market. KEM® is the only FDA tested technology that systematically explores combinations of biomarkers, producing more effective biomarker signatures for personalized medicine. Founded in 2003 as a spin-off of the Institut Pasteur, Paris, France, the company opened a subsidiary in the United States in 2012. For more information, please visit

About the WIN Consortium

Initiated in 2010 by the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (USA) and the Institut Gustave Roussy (France), the WIN Consortium is a global network of 29 leading organizations from the academic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare IT, health plan, and patient advocacy sectors working to accelerate the pace and reduce the cost of translating novel cancer treatments to the bedside by developing and applying, through worldwide clinical trials and research projects, the most promising advances in genomic-based cancer research. WIN is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization headquartered in Paris. For further information, please visit

About the WINTHER trial

The WINTHER trial is being conducted in six institutions: MD Anderson Cancer Center (USA), Institut Gustave Roussy (France), Vall d’Hebron Hospital (Spain), The Chaim Sheba Medical Center (Israel), McGill Segal Cancer Center (Canada) and University of California San Diego Moores Cancer Center (USA). The trial started early in 2013 and results are expected in 2015. It includes about 200 patients with all types of metastatic solid tumors resistant to the last line of treatment.

WINTHER will use an innovative approach that introduces for the first time dual biopsies: tumor and normal matched tissue, e.g., colon cancer tumor tissue and normal colic mucosa, and will investigate DNA alteration and RNA and microRNAs expression. WINTHER’s novel approach lies in the assessment of the “distance” between normal and tumor tissues and the subsequent conversion of this information into relevant drug-target gene matches through a pioneering predictive model.

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