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Project Description



Ariana has developed the most advanced oncology treatment selection system, Onco KEM®. Onco KEM® helps oncologists choose optimal therapeutics for each patient, providing a personalized ranking of existing treatments.

Onco KEM® goes beyond DNA analysis including the differential analysis of RNA expression in tumors. Onco KEM® benefits from a key collaboration with WIN, the world’s largest personalized medicine consortium fighting Cancer. WIN includes 22 of the world’s most renowned clinical centers (Gustave Roussy, France; MD Anderson and UCSD, USA; Chaim Sheba, Israel; Val d’Hebron, Spain and McGill, Canada, etc.) totaling 1.4M cancer patients per year.

Onco KEM® has been successfully tested for over 100 patients, through the world’s first international multi-centric personalized medicine clinical trial, WINTHER. Onco KEM® has the potential to revolutionize the effectiveness of cancer therapy, enabling the choice of the right treatment for the right patient, improving outcomes, avoiding unnecessary side effects as well as decreasing treatment costs to society. It is accessible via a web-based portal with patient specific reports for proposed treatments. Onco KEM® addresses a large >$1B market.