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Clinical data analysis – what’s your plan?

Clinical trials are expensive and generate volumes of complex, inter-dependent biologic data points. Is your data analysis plan keeping up with these volumes?

The challenge is to analyze and integrate these datasets of diverse patient attributes into logical and actionable “signatures” that support your drug development decisions.

Using our KEM® (Knowledge, Extraction, Management) technology, Ariana offers a unique and validated approach to data analysis that guarantees you see everything you want to know from your data.

By working with Ariana, you save money, save time, accelerate your development timelines and preserve patent life.

Key Features

  • Find your best patient responders.

  • Identify patient characteristics that map to clinical response and outcome.

  • Discover biomarkers (alone or in combination) that provide useful PK and PD information about your patient responders and non-responders.

  • Optimize your inclusion / exclusion criteria to better meet your clinical endpoint(s).

  • Case study 1: “Is the Efficacy of Milnacipran in Fibromyalgia Predictable? A Data-Mining Analysis of Baseline and Outcome Variables”, Clin. J. Pain, 32 (2016) 435–440.

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