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  • Ariana Pharma and Laboratoires Pierre Fabre have recently published the results of a clinical data mining study using KEM to identify best responder subgroups for Milnacipran in fibromyalgia. (more…)
  • Ariana hosted their regular Science Day this week - a 1-day symposium in Paris on advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, chaired by Dr Jean Sallantin, Director of Research at the CNRS LIRMM (Laboratoire d’Informatique, de Robotique et de Micro-électronique de Montpellier) and Scientific Advisor to Ariana. (more…)
  • The Ariana Running Team are pleased to participate in the popular NoFinishLine Paris 2016 charitable fun run event in support of sick and homeless children. (more…)
  • Our CEO, Dr Mohammad Afshar, will present at Biomarker Summit 2016 on the challenge of transforming biomarker data into clinically actionable information for personalized cancer treatment selection. (more…)
  • Dr Mohammad Afshar (Founder and CEO) is presenting our Onco KEM® platform at WIN 2015 on 29 June. Dr. Mariana Guergova-Kuras (CTO) and Dr David Morley (VP Computational Technology) will also be attending the symposium for a fascinating two days of cutting-edge presentations and discussions with global key opinion leaders in cancer research and precision cancer medicine. (more…)
  • Leader in clinical big data analytics collaborates with world-class bioinformatics provider in GastricGlycoExplorer consortium Partnership to develop early detection tools for one of the deadliest cancers (more…)
  • Nabsys will collaborate with Ariana Pharmaceuticals to identify structural variations related to breast and prostate cancer and how they affect clinical outcome of patients. (more…)
  • Ariana Pharma releases a video to illustrate its innovative Onco KEM® platform for personalized cancer treatment selection. Onco KEM® intends to accelerate the translation of personalized medicine discoveries into widely available new standards of care for all cancer patients, leading to significantly improved clinical outcomes and a higher quality of life for cancer patients. (more…)
  • Dr Mohammad Afshar (Founder and CEO) is joining a prestigious panel of industry leaders to discuss the strategy of open data, data intelligence and data management. Genevieve Fioraso, France's Deputy Minister for Higher Education & Research and Axelle Lemaire, Deputy Minister in charge of digital tech will participate in the session. (more…)
  • Leader in clinical big data analytics collaborates with global stakeholders in personalized cancer medicine. Partnership to accelerate translation of personalized medicine discoveries into widely available new standards of care for all cancer patients. (more…)
  • KEM® Biomarker case study presented at EACR-23 this week showed that prognostic signatures generated by KEM® Biomarker have better or similar performances to other classification methods in terms of sensitivity and specificity while having significantly lower number of features in the models. (more…)
  • Young researchers from Ariana Pharma presented two posters at the recent WIN 2014 Symposium on breakthrough biomarker investigations and combined therapeutic approaches for precision cancer medicine, held in Paris on 23-24 June 2014. (more…)
  • Une start-up française qui apporte un support technique à la Food and Drug Administration (FDA), c'est tout à fait dérogatoire. C'est pourtant le cas d' Ariana Pharma, une petite société française spécialisée dans les applications pharmaceutiques du « data mining ». (more…)
  • Ariana Pharma releases a video to illustrate the use of its KEM® data mining technology in the effective design of multi-marker diagnostic tests for personalized medicine; KEM® identifies the shortest and most accurate signatures. (more…)
  • Specialist Company Strives to Improve Patient Selection and Treatment Outcomes. Ariana Pharma exhaustively mines and analyzes multiparametric data (biochemical, genomic, proteomic, genetic, metabolic, imaging, clinical, etc.) to identify patient responders and reduce clinical and drug development risks. The process generates actionable information using fewer biomarker signatures than traditional data-mining methods, improving both efficiency and efficacy. (more…)
  • Ariana Pharma, société spécialiste de l’analyse des données cliniques et des tests diagnostiques pour la médecine personnalisée, vient d’annoncer le lancement du projet ExtempoRMN. A travers ce projet qui associe cette spin-off de l’Institut Pasteur au groupe d’instrumentation scientifique Bruker BioSpin, aux Hôpitaux universitaires de Strasbourg et au laboratoire Icube de l’université de Strasbourg, l’objectif est de faciliter la distinction des tissus tumoraux des tissus sains environnants lors de la réalisation de chirurgie des tumeurs cérébrales. (more…)
  • L’entreprise parisienne Ariana Pharma, spécialisée dans les outils informatiques d’aide à la décision clinique, a été retenue pour participer au projet alsacien ExtempoRMN. Celui-ci vise à développer une méthode innovante permettant d’établir le diagnostic des tissus cancéreux en temps réel. Quelques mois auparavant, Ariana Pharma était sélectionnée dans le cadre de l’essai clinique international Winther initié par le MD Anderson Center et l’Institut Gustave Roussy, qui offre pour la première fois, à chaque patient inclus, un traitement personnalisé basé sur ses analyses biologiques. Mohammad Afshar, CEO d’Ariana Pharma, détaille le rôle de sa société dans chacune de ces collaborations et les enjeux derrière les ruptures technologiques en gestation. (more…)
  • Neuro-oncology diagnostic tool aims to give surgeons the ability in 'real-time' to discriminate brain tumor tissue from surrounding healthy tissue. Radical new approach utilizes High Resolution Magic Angle Spinning Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technology (more…)
  • When Ariana Pharma announced this summer that the WIN Consortium had chosen it to develop new personalized cancer medicine software through the consortium’s WINTHER trial, it wasn’t just a validation of Paris-based Ariana’s data management skills in life science, notes Dr. David Morley, Ariana’s vice president of computational technology — it was also a sign of how much data mining has shifted from its early beginnings in drug discovery to something much more oriented toward clinical trials. (more…)
  • The advent of targeted cancer therapies has necessitated the development of companion diagnostics to identify those patients whose genetic makeup will allow them to benefit. But a patient’s gene signature is only one factor of many capable of affecting their response to a treatment. There is a demand, says Mohammad Afshar, CEO of Ariana Pharma, for a tool that will analyse all of a patient’s characteristics at once – physiological, genetic, genomic, proteomic – and assign them the drug or procedure that will benefit them most. He tells EP Vantage: “What we’re working on here is the ability to look at all the data that is available on these particular tumours and patients, and combine this information together to identify the best treatment.” (more…)
  • Ariana Pharma SA is developing software to guide the selection of personalized cancer care as part of a clinical trial in patients which, the study investigators claim, will be the first to offer all participants a treatment regimen based on their individual DNA, RNA and microRNA profiles. (more…)
  • WIN global initiative aims to significantly improve clinical care and outcomes for cancer patients through fundamental changes in trial design and personalized treatment options. The WIN Consortium has chosen Ariana Pharma to develop and globally commercialize ground-breaking decision support software to help clinicians choose the best therapies for cancer patients. The software will be developed through the WINTHER trial, the first state of the art clinical trial in personalized cancer medicine. (more…)
  • Ariana Pharma, data analysis and diagnostics solutions specialist, releases a video to explain the application of its KEM® data mining technology to patient stratification and clinical data intelligence. (more…)
  • Paris, France, and Cambridge, US, 25 March 2013 – Ariana Pharma, a company that develops innovative data analysis and diagnostic testing solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, today announced its participation in the IMODI consortium. The company is to receive €1,2M in funding under the French Government’s “Investing for the Future” program. (more…)
  • Ariana continues global expansion from US to Japan with KEM(R) data analytics software and services technology. Ariana Pharma, the premium provider of advanced, non-statistical clinical data and biomarker analytics technology across life science industries as well as the FDA, today announces the signing of an exclusive Japanese distribution agreement with CTC Laboratory Systems Corporation (CTCLS), the Japanese supplier of services for R&D solutions. (more…)
  • CTO appointment reinforces senior management expertise in biomarker industry. Ariana Pharma, a provider of “non-statistical” clinical data analysis technology across life science industries including the FDA, announces today that it has appointed Dr. Mariana Kuras as its chief technology officer. (more…)
  • Ariana® expands operations to USA, appoints James M. Shanahan VP business development of subsidiary “Ariana Data Intelligence, Inc.”

    Ariana Pharma, a provider of “non-statistical” clinical data analysis technology to the pharmaceutical industry including the FDA, announces today that it has expanded its global operations by establishing a permanent US office in Cambridge, MA to service growing demand for its unique and powerful data analytics technology KEM®.

  • Designing better clinical trials that increase value and minimise risk for patients is a far from straightforward task. Mohammad Afshar and Lilia Abtroun of Ariana Pharma review the benefits of data mining and systematic hypothesis generation. Download here
  • Ariana(R) Pharma, a leader in decision support tools and services to accelerate the development and optimal use of drugs and biomarker discovery, announces today that it has entered into a partnership to improve the diagnosis and prognosis of chronic hepatitis. (more…)
  • Ariana Pharma, a leader in decision support tools and services to accelerate the development and optimal use of drugs and biomarker discovery, announces today that it has started a collaboration with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ariana Pharma is providing its KEM® Biomarker technology to help enable FDA reviewers to analyze pharmacogenomic data combined with patient characteristics for biomarker signatures submitted through the FDA’s Voluntary Exploratory Data Submission (VXDS) program. This collaboration directly relates to the FDA’s desire to develop better tools for the analysis of genomic data in the context of the development of personalized medicine.

  • Systematic analysis using Ariana’s KEM® decision support platform will help biotech to optimize design and boost success outlook. Ariana® Pharma, a provider of decision support tools and services to accelerate drug discovery and development, announces today that it has won a significant fee for service collaboration deal with Fovea Pharmaceuticals. Under the terms of the collaboration, Ariana® deploys its KEM® (Knowledge Extraction and Management) decision support platform to carry out systematic analysis of Fovea’s Prednisporin™ Phase II clinical data, in order to optimize clinical design and maximize the probability of successful further development of this drug. Financial terms were not disclosed. (more…)
  • Ariana™ Pharma, a provider of decision support tools and services to accelerate drug discovery and development, announces today that the company is to receive EUR 1 million from France’s innovation agency, OSEO, as part of the IMAkinib program. IMAkinib is a collaborative program to develop biomarkers for oncology. By playing a key role in IMAkinib, Ariana™ will be able to further develop its KEM® (Knowledge Extraction Management) technology and enter a new field, imaging biomarkers. (more…)
  • Decision support tool company enhances KEM® with valuable new capabilities Ariana™ Pharma, a provider of decision support tools and services to accelerate drug discovery and development, announces today the launch of KEM Clinicals, a new version of its successful decision support platform KEM® - Knowledge Extraction and Management. The new version is dedicated to supporting the clinical development and safety process. It is available as a service offering from Ariana Pharma to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. (more…)
  • New funding will speed growth and product development for bioinformatics decision support company Paris, July 9, 2008—Ariana™ Pharma, a provider of decision support tools to accelerate drug discovery, announces today that it has raised EUR 1.5 million through a private placement. This first round of venture capital funding was arranged by Vizille Capital Innovation, a venture capital subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel – CIC bank. The sole investor was VCI, which takes a minority stake alongside existing shareholders, the Institut Pasteur and company management. (more…)
  • Pharmaceuticals, a drug discovery company combining proprietary artificial intelligence technology and experimental methods to predict the behavior of novel molecules, today announced a series of agreements with the Institut Pasteur involving Ariana’s new virtual screening platform. (more…)