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The Ariana Running Team at NoFinishLine Paris 2016

Company Profile

Ariana Pharma is a premium provider of advanced, clinical and biomarker data analytics technology. Ariana’s unique technology exhaustively mines data, increasing the success of both clinical trials and multi-parametric diagnostic tools. Our team of biostatisticians, software developers, clinical experts and business developers works hard to save sponsors both time and money.

Ariana analyzes multi-parametric data (biochemical, genomic, proteomic, genetic, metabolic, patient characteristics, etc.) to identify patient responders and reduce clinical and drug development risk. Our clincial data analysis service optimizes clinical trial inclusion/exclusion criteria, and minimizes the risk of adverse events, thus reducing recruitment costs while detecting hidden signals and working with incomplete data sets. Overall, we have a flawless track record of maximizing the value of clinical assets.

Our biomarker data analysis service also helps you develop robust biomarker signatures and find the best combinations in your data. We deliver the actionable information you need to support your development processes: we integrate and analyze multi-parametric data to provide you with the most relevant combinations of biomarkers and patient characteristics.

Our methodology is implemented via our innovative software platform KEM® (Knowledge Extraction and Management), a system uniquely conceived and developed here at Ariana Pharma, with strong collaboration with academic (Institut Pasteur, CNRS) and industry groups (GSK, Novartis, Pfizer, etc.). KEM® is an effective technology used across the life science industry, including organizations such as the FDA, that can accelerate the discovery and development process.

Our History

Humbler Beginnings

The Gordon Conference, 2001

In December 2002 Ariana Pharma was simply an idea in the head of our CEO, Mohammad Afshar. There were no offices, no funding and our innovative KEM® platform had not yet been created.

The idea had been sparked by two coincidental conversations. The first was when Mohammad and Alain Commercon met at a Gordon Conference in 2001; they’d both noticed a need for better data analytics and multiobjective analysis in drug development, and the second was a few months later when prof. Jean Sallatin, explained to Mohammad how he had published his new and improved lattice-based methods and was employing them to collaborate with banks and a nuclear company. So Mohammad found himself with a target market and the outline of a novel solution, and started to develop an idea.

In late 2002 the idea could no longer be ignored. Mohammad’s previous project RiboTargets was now moving fully into drug development through multiple mergers and it was time to plunge into Ariana Pharma full time.

Extraordinary Partnerships

The boost for the company came as seed funding from the Aventis Foundation, which was used to develop the first prototype of the KEM® platform. Shortly after, Ariana’s first clients were signed with the help of Darren Green from GSK and Jonathan Mason from Pfizer.

In these first stages partnerships were crucial to Ariana’s development, and the company would not be alive today if it wasn’t for these collaborations. Mohammad remembers,

In the beginning it was a combination of people chipping in their skills, connections and ideas just to help us float!

Incubation and further investment from the Pasteur Institute were decisive in launching the Company, giving access to daily support from Pascale Altier the Head of the incubator and strategic help from Christian Policard. Life lines included vital public funding raised with the help of Caroline Meunier (Paris Region) and Agnés Laurent (Oséo), who believed in the company’s potential; and the scientific expertise of Pierre-Etienne Bost from the Pasteur Institute.

Turning Point

Ariana Pharma Paris Office, rue du Dr. Finlay

In 2008, after trying to “float” for so long a sturdier boat was provided in the form of investment from Karine Lignel at CM-CIC. The €1.5 million, along with further sales meant that Ariana was able to double its staff, move to its current offices in Paris and advance its research and development.
Mohammad reflects,

It’s great to see how far we’ve come, with hindsight I can laugh at the primitive interface and limited scope of KEM® v.1 but happily, the ideas were there, along with the people who believed in them and today we have success with a much improved product and a growing company.

Ariana Today

Ariana Pharma Scientific Committee, 2013

Since the 2008 investment, Ariana has raised further capital, increased sales and has continued this momentum to aim for the top of the data analytics industry. In May, 2012 Ariana launched Ariana Data Intelligence in the US, establishing an office in Boston, MA. Later that summer, the company also headed East and partnered with Japanese distribution firm CTC LS. The company is continually developing its technology and continues to build its teams internationally, incorporating a wide range of professional and technical skills.

Despite this expansion, the company objectives have remained a solid anchor for Ariana, and the company remains dedicated to providing intelligent data analytics to go beyond conventional statistics and enrich clinical processes for clients.