Patient Safety

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Are you identifying and managing risk factors before they become a problem?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
(Benjamin Franklin)

Early signal detection is essential for patient safety throughout the clinical trials process and post launch. We detect weak signals before they can be identified by statistical methods.

Ariana’s KEM® (Knowledge, Extraction, Management) technology, detects adverse events and toxicity risks before they become a problem for patient safety, enabling you to improve the safety and efficacy of your clinical trials and identify and manage risk factors early on.

Ariana brings added value to Safety Strategies. Here’s how.

  • Identify risk factors and populations at risk, both early on for clinical trials and post market for pharmacovigilance
  • Identify factors that minimize risk while maintaining efficacy
  • Systematically analyze relations between Adverse Events and products or drug interactions
  • Design new Composite Endpoints for Efficacy/Safety
  • Find surrogate safety markers
  • Secure Risk Minimization Action Plans by generating robust, multi-objective hypotheses.
  • Conduct in-depth hypotheses generation to help with End-of-Study and Periodic Safety Reports
  • Characterize bias in Pharmacovigilance databases