Big Data in Pharma briefing (London | September 23)

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Sep 23, 2014 dm (0)

On September 23, we attended the Big Data in Pharma briefing in London, organized by Terrapin Briefings.

Our VP of Computational Technology, Dr David Morley, delivered a talk on “Predictive Diagnostics and Data Mining for Personalised Medicine” and chaired the roundtable discussion on “How to ensure data quality”.

The Big Data in Pharma briefing focused on the value of big data in pharma R&D. It recognized ways in which using big data could improve competitiveness and productivity;

– Using big data to provide real world outcomes enhances safety and efficiency

– Capturing data from online communities allows better consumer insight

– Streamline innovation in pharmaceutical research maximises clinical trial success

– Transformation of big data into smart data aids personal healthcare